A world in a split-second

                 When walking around my village, in different areas of France or when travelling abroad ,I have taken photos of scenes of nature, either strong or fragile.  In the countryside, by the sea or in mountains, landscapes lead us to relaxation, to discover a breathtaking sky, a budding or a dying tree, or, just by surprise, some flowers and tasty fruit.
When in town, i have captured images of street scenes where the comical links up with the feeling of citylife loneliness. Through all times architectures, humans will adapt to their living conditions …or create their ideal future.


        As a photograph becomes a material, it leads me to various new horizons, imaginary countries…From the picture that still shows us something known, figurative, to the other one that leads us ,after many audacious transformations, to abstraction and thoughts on the world, photographism (also called digital art) opens the doors on a new field of pictorial arts.