Why photography ?
  My first camera was russian (forgotten brand, sorry !!). Not a digital camera ! and so the seller puts in it the 36 view film : « the Infinity symbol ? It’s made to shoot landscapes…and the small face symbol ? for portraits , that’s all ».
Here I am, in my ten years old, ready to make the first shootings of my life with these minimalist advice. Then comes the time of a winter holiday camp offering breathtaking landscapes of mountains, portraits of smiling friends and many more memories printed on this little film.
Back to the photographer after a feverish expectation of many days :
« It’s ok : 35 pictures out of 36 ! You have a « keen eye » as we say ».
Thus I would find again the instants of joy, marvel, fear and surprises of this camp.
That’s it ! The meaning of photography : « A world in a split-second ! »
Since this « beginner » stay, I captured my pictures more or less regularly , dealing with the hazards of life…Today I invite you to my walks in landscapes, my moments, my points of view, my photographs and to my strolls in other imaginary worlds near what I call photographism.